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I am the executive editor of Parents.com, one of the largest parenting websites and the online home of Parents, American Baby, and FamilyFun magazines. In addition, I am the former VP of Editorial and Managing Editor at Beliefnet.com, and served as the founding editor-in-chief of MyJewishLearning.com. I am also an experienced freelance journalist whose articles, mostly on religion and spirituality, have appeared in many newspapers, magazines, websites, and books. I am a graduate of Harvard Divinity School and Yale and live in Bronx, N.Y., with my wife and three daughters. 
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Published in Newsweek, July 2006


Interviewing Vice President Joe Biden at the White House, February 19, 2013, on the topic of gun safety and gun control. In the interview, streamed live online, the VP offered his now-infamous "buy a shotgun" advice, which quickly went viral.


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